La Diala

La Diala

La Diala


"La Diala," meaning "mountain fairy" in Romansh, reflects a profound connection to the hotel's locale, nestled within the heart of Palace Wellness, where panoramic views of snow-covered mountains perfectly complement the restaurant's light, fresh, and healthful menu, making it an ideal choice for family dining.

Opening Hours

Daily, 10.00am - 8.00pm

Dress Code

Family-friendly; no dress code

La Diala Salad

Light, Smart, Balanced

La Diala’s healthy menu options include simple pasta dishes, poke bowls, and an assortment of fresh salads and sandwiches.
Kids’ Club Palazzino

Family-Friendly Dining

Situated in close proximity to the Palazzino Kids Club at the Palace Wellness Spa, La Diala has become a beloved dining destination for families seeking a delightful and convenient culinary experience.

Inspirations from La Diala

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