Wellness and beauty treatments range from classic massage to facials to ultimate body treatments and hands & nails services. Special packages are available. Opening hours: 11.00am to 8.00pm. Book your treatment by phone at +41 81 837 28 51 or at

Advanced Facial Collection Download Brochure

Signature "Second Skin" Facial by Biologique Recherche

A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti-aging facial will visibly lift and treats signs of aging. Sterile electro-spun 80% hyaluronic acid patches are massaged into your skin until being fully absorbed. It is a highly effective regenerating treatment, which helps accelerate cell renewal.

80 minutes CHF 450,00

The Ultimate Bespoke Facial by Biologique Recherche

A thoroughly personalized treatment that serves the exact needs of your skin to bring optimum results. This bespoke facial is best suited for those with varying skin conditions such as premature aging, loss of tone, fine lines, hypersensitivity, as well as impurities. It includes a signature sculpting massages as well as advanced technologies to exfoliate, brighten, hydrate and re-balance your unique complexion.

50 minutes CHF 350,00

80 minutes CHF 430,00

Mesotheraphy Facial by Biologique Recherche

Excellent mesotherapy treatment for the face (neck and décolleté additional). Use of a single painless multi-needle head improves and stimulates intradermal collagen production and increases skin absorption of a unique cocktail of 56 Active Ingredients such as polypeptides, oligopeptides, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

50 minutes CHF 350,00

80 minutes face, neck and décolleté CHF 480,00

Super Lift & Firm CVS Rejunivating Facial by Biologique Recherche

Tighten your face and renew sagging skin. A highly effective facial thanks to the Lift & Firm CVS booster, which stimulates natural toning, tightening ad firming of the skin, with a deeply moisturising effect. A gentle exfoliation will enhance cell renewal.
The complexion is left smooth, toned, and rejuvenated. Ideal for loose skin needing a rejuvenating boost. This extraordinary treatment can be booked also to lift and firm the skin of
both face and body.

50 minutes CHF 295.00

120 minutes CHF 520.00

Regenerating Vernix Facial by Biologique Recherche

Facial treatment for sensitive, dull, stressed skin using the highly effective Crème Masque Vernix with intensely repairing active ingredients to nourish, restore and protect your skin. This facial boost the repair of damaged skin, increasing overall hydration, epidermal reconstruction and regeneration.

50 minutes CHF 290.00

80 minutes CHF 350.00

VIP O2 Oxygen Glow Facial by Biologique Recherche

This is a detoxifying, anti-pollution facial treatment designed to clear the skin of impurities. It re-oxygenates, revitalizes and boosts the complexion thanks to the Booster VIP O2, which helps detoxify and re-oxygenate the skin. An innovative micro-massaging foam texture and skin-rolling technique, will provide a healthy, luminous skin.

80 minutes CHF 320.00

Mesotheraphy Scalp by Biologique Recherche

A scalp treatment using a micro-puncture device, which combined with the cegaba complex and bioproline anti-hair loss serum, will oxygenate the scalp, restore hair loss and improve hair quality. Recommended for thinning and sparse scalp instants. For best results, a course of 5 sessions is recommended.

30 minutes CHF 280,00

5 sessions CHF 1250,00

Neiges Éternelles by Alpeor

The perfection of Swiss skincare, using natural, organic ingredients, combined with the healing and revitalising effect of mountain crystals, and water from the purity of the Swiss Alps. Powerful alpine ingredients such as Edelweiss and Rhodiola Rosea are combined in this unique facial to provide cellular longevity, repair, restructure and protect the skin from harsh elements and environmental damage. Excellent after outdoor activities. The skin will look plumed, glowing and totally revitalised.

50 minutes CHF 240.00

80 minutes CHF 320.00

Deep Cleansing Purifying Facial

A purifying deep cleansing facial treatment designed to remove impurities, hydrate, rebalance, and calm the skin with non-invasive ultrasounds. It is an ideal treatment to maintain the quality of the skin or prepare it for more specialised facial treatments.

50 minutes CHF 260.00

80 minutes CHF 340.00

Add on Services by Biologique Recherche Download Brochure

Plumped - Kiss Patch

Ideal treat for plumping lips, leaving them smooth and soft.

CHF 40.00

Anti - Aging Eyes Patches

Reduce puffy eyes, dark circles, minimise wrinkles, provides immediate and long-lasting rested look.

CHF 45.00

Radiance Masque Pigm 400

An all-in-one skin-brightening mask for a radiant, smooth complexion.

CHF 50.00

Lift & Firm Platysma Patch

Highly effective toning, firming, and lifting effect for the jawline and the area under the chin.

CHF 45.00

Calming Nourishing Face Mask

Toleskin Mask is an essential ally against all skin reactions. This new sheet mask calms, sooths & nourishes dehydrated, sensitive skins prone to redness. An ideal treat after an outdoor day in the mountains.

CHF 85.00

Green Caviar Mask

Anti-wrinkle concentrate, to help restructure, redensify and tone.

CHF 55.00

Palace Massage Collection Download Brochure

Relaxation Massage

A complete body massage designed to relieve tension, promote circulation and relax the nervous system.

50 minutes CHF 240,00

80 minutes CHF 290,00

Deep Tissue Massage

This deep and penetrating muscular massage works on loosening general stiffness and congestion from the body.

50 minutes CHF 260,00

80 minutes CHF 310,00

Massage du dos Chaleur et Lumiere by Alpeor

Experience a new level of luxury and relaxation, this treatment helps to reduce stress and creates a total holistic effect. The Oil Candle will awaken your senses and deeply nourish your skin.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

Thai Massage

To align the body; this method works the body into a series of yoga like stretches, muscle compression, joint mobilisation and acupressure. Loose clothing should be worn during this treatment.

50 minutes CHF 250,00

80 minutes CHF 290,00

Four Hands Massage

A unique pampering experience which puts your entire body and mind in complete state of profound relaxation. The synchronized hands of our therapists will ease away any deep-seated tension making you feel deeply relaxed and light as a feather at the end of this amazing massage.

50 minutes CHF 390,00

80 minutes CHF 460,00

"Slim & Thin" Detox Massage

A light lymphatic drainage massage technique aimed to eliminate fluid retention and toxins through the lymphatic system.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

80 minutes CHF 280,00


The application of pressure on specific points of the feet taps into various areas of the body to help promote the natural function of the organs and systems in the body. Loose clothing can be worn during this treatment.

50 minutes CHF 195,00

Tailored Touch Body Massage

Tailored to specific needs, this customized massage releases tension localised in specific areas of the body such us: back & neck, head & shoulders, legs & feet or just legs and limbs.
It can be personalized upon request.

30 minutes CHF 140,00

30 minutes with hot stones CHF 170,00

Foot Massage

25 minutes CHF 130,00

Balancing Massage Therapies Download Brochure

Après-Ski / Après-Sport Massage

A massage aimed to support an active, athletic lifestyle. The use of an Ayurvedic herbal oil helps to strengthen muscles or fascia which may be damaged, debilitated and need restoration.

50 minutes CHF 260,00

80 minutes CHF 310,00

Pain Relief Massage

Ideal for those suffering from pain brought on by degenerative, arthritic or weaking conditions. A massage using an ancient Ayurvedic herbal oil with analgesic, nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating qualities.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

80 minutes CHF 280,00

Destress Massage

A firm massage designed to reduce anxiety, improve sleep and generally calm nervous energy. Referred to in Ayurveda as Vata pacifying.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

80 minutes CHF 280,00

Anti-Inflammatory Massage

A soothing massage designed to calm irritation, reduce inflammation and help remove toxins. Treats the skin and its deeper layers. Referred to in Ayurveda as Pitta pacifying.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

80 minutes CHF 280,00

Vitality Massage

An invigorating and stimulating massage designed to reduce lethargy and stagnation to promote vitality. Referred to in Ayurveda as Kapha pacifying.

50 minutes CHF 230,00

80 minutes CHF 280,00

Ultimate Body Treatments Download Brochure

Super Body Lift & Firm CVS Treatment by Biologique Recherche

Using Silica powder to exfoliate and renew, as well as Hyaluronic Acid with silk to hydrate, smooth, lift and firm the skin also thanks to unique techniques and the application of the super lifting and toning Lift CVS Booster. Your skin is luminous, firm and toned.

50 minutes localized CHF 295,00

100 minutes full body CHF 450,00

Detox and Body Shaping by Biologique Recherche

This highly effective treatment reshapes the body and energises the system. It is designed to breakdown fatty tissue and toxins using several detoxifying ingredients such as Algae.
This treatment is recommended for immediate weight loss results, and the elimination of excessive fluids and toxins, leaving the skin soft and toned.

100 minutes CHF 450,00

Anti-C Slimming Treatment by Biologique Recherche

Using Lipogen AC, this treatment is ideal to break down fat, eliminate excess water and reduce cellulite.

50 minutes CHF 280,00

Gommage aux Cristaux des Prairies by Alpeor

A body exfoliation using rich Alpine ingredients and floral salt crystals to remove layers of dead cells. New cells are nourished giving the skin a renewed smooth silky finish.

40 minutes CHF 165,00

80 minutes+massage CHF 310,00

Enveloppement Gelee de Givre by Alpeor

An aromatherapy wrap and massage for the treatment of jetlag, fatigue or lethargy. The coco wrap works on releasing heaviness and fluid retention from the legs and a lymphatic drainage massage for the body helps eliminate toxins from the system giving it new vitality.

80 minutes CHF 310,00

Hands and Feet Care Download Brochure

Manicure - A Complete Hand Care

nude nails
standard polish
removal of Shellac, manicure with nude nails or standard polish

40 minutes CHF 120,00

50 minutes CHF 150,00

80 minutes CHF 180,00

Mani - Pedi Just Polish

30 minutes (standard polish) CHF 55,00

Semi - Permanent Nail Lacquer

Dry manicure with semi-permanent
Pedicure with semi-permanent

80 minutes CHF 200,00

80 minutes CHF 220,00

Nails Dip Power without UV

Innovative gentle technology for nails and skin, which does not require UV light. Resistant to cracking and chipping. Strengthening and longer lasting thanks to ingredients such as calcium and vitamin e.

110 minutes CHF 220,00

Pedicure - A Complete Foot Care

50 minutes (express pedicure) CHF 140,00

70 minutes (nude nails) CHF 160,00

80 minutes (standard polish) CHF 180,00

Gentlemen's Manicure & Pedicure

50 minutes manicure CHF 100,00

60 minutes pedicure CHF 140,00

30 minutes express manicure CHF 70,00

Just Nails

Clean, shape and trim nails and cuticles

20 minutes CHF 60,00

Add On

Callus Peeling

30 minutes CHF 50,00

Beauty Services Download Brochure

Make up

Trial make up with consultation (per hour) CHF 80,00

Make up CHF 165,00

Special event make up CHF 225,00

Express make up (eye contouring or smokey eyes) CHF 75,00

30 minutes

Eyelash and Brow

Eyelash tint CHF 60,00

Eyebrow tint CHF 50,00

Lash and brow tint CHF 90,00


Half leg CHF 80,00

Full leg CHF 120,00

Bikini CHF 100.00

Brazilian CHF 140,00

Under arms CHF 60,00

Upper lip CHF 40,00

Eyebrows CHF 50,00

Arms CHF 80,00

Gentlemen's Epilation

Per 20 minutes CHF 80,00

Private Spa Suite Download Brochure

Veronica Spa Suite - Cocooning Theme

Facilities include a double Jacuzzi, private steam room, showers, two treatment couches. Light refreshments and amenities included. Treatments can be booked at additional charge.

2 hours 30 minutes (Suite occupancy) CHF 550,00

Iris Spa Suite - Garden Theme

Facilities include private garden, a double Jacuzzi, soft sauna, shower, two treatment couches (large and medium), relaxation lounge, beauty and hairdressing station. Light refreshments and amenities included. Treatments can be booked at additional charge.

3 hours (Suite occupancy) CHF 760,00

Hair and Beauty Spa

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