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History with Modern Spirit

Our story has been written by one family, true pioneers of innovation and luxury. Since 1896, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel remains one of the world’s most legendary hotels – and continuously operated by the Badrutt family.

The hotel was opened in 1896 by Caspar Badrutt, with a chateau theme reflecting the romantic era of the “Grand European Tour”. Caspar was the second son of Johannes Badrutt, who himself founded winter tourism in St. Moritz as the result of a bet. Like his father, Caspar had a strong sense of family and invited  his son Hans back to St. Moritz and the hotel in 1898; at the time, Hans was traveling abroad to gain hotel experience. Hans  took over management of the hotel in 1904.

Inheriting the Badrutt pioneering spirit, Hans was courageous. On his travels, he took the Palace name with him far beyond the borders of Europe, establishing the foundations for its fashionable reputation all over the world. When Hans died in 1953, his wife Helen and eldest son Andrea took over the reins. Helen introduced the “Palace Balls” while Andrea welcomed the American jet set with open arms. The hotel’s international reputation soared.

In the following years, brothers Andrea and Hansjürg ran the hotel successfully side by side. When Andrea died in 1998, Hansjürg continued, with the support of his wife Anikò.

In 2004, Hansjürg appointed Swiss hotelier Hans Wiedemann as director of the Palace. Hansjürg passed away in 2016. Hans Wiedemann remained at the helm until 2018. Since his retirement, he continues to serve on the board of the hotel.

One Hotel Five Generations of Innovation

One Hotel, Five Generations of Innovation

Today the Palace is a fairy tale castle where your wishes come true. It’s an enchanting mix of tradition and modernity, where people connect and celebrate with family and friends. The goal of the Palace is to cultivate its roots whilst embracing the modern world, to welcome guests warmly and with respect, with a passion to evolve the guest experience to the heights of luxury in St. Moritz.
Game Set & Match

Game, Set & Match!

In 1913 the International Lawn Tennis Federation decided where to hold three future world championships: on a grass court (Wimbledon); on a hard court (French Open); and on a indoor wooden parquet court. The same year, Hans Badrutt opened the first indoor tennis hall in Europe and hosted the tournament in 1922 in St. Moritz. The tennis court is now our Matsuhisa restaurant La Coupole.

The Art of Wellness

In 1969, the Acapulco complex opened with a 25-metre infinity indoor pool and an open-air heated outdoor pool (which replaced an older outdoor pool). The indoor pool was designed “to see and be seen”, becoming a catwalk for the rich and famous. In particular, tall beautiful Americans knew how to get noticed; they became synonymous with this new St. Moritz attraction. Between 2008 and 2010, the facility was reimagined, with 70 million Swiss francs invested to create today’s Palace Wellness.

Palace Galerie

Since 2002, the stylish Serletta designer shopping complex has redefined the St. Moritz shopping experience for Palace guests.
5G Revolution

The 5G Revolution

In 2019, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel became the first luxury hotel in Europe to install 5G mobile technology on property, offering a faster, more reliable and powerful network to its guests.
Palace in the Air

Palace in the Air

In 1920, the first-ever flight between Switzerland and London took off from the frozen surface of Lake St. Moritz. A century later – in February 2020 - Badrutt’s Palace Hotel commemorated this milestone with branded flights between London Stansted and Engadin airports.
Palace Celebrates its 125th Anniversary

The Palace Celebrates its 128th anniversary

On 29th July 2024, Badrutt’s Palace Hotel celebrates its 128th anniversary, looking back at a rich history and looking forward to many more exciting years to come.

The Management Team

We are committed to remain independent and unique, continuing to run the Hotel as Anikò and Hansjürg Badrutt would wish.

Hans Wiedemann, Delegate of the Board
Richard Leuenberger, Managing Director
Gian Müller, Executive Assistant Manager
Sergio Fagioli, Director of Rooms
Thomas Citterio, Director of Sales & Marketing
Regula Peter, Director of Human Resources
Daniel Häfeli, Director of Finance
Jeremy Degras, Executive Chef

Martha Wiedemann, Associate Director

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Badrutt's Palace Hotel

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