Wellness and beauty treatments range from classic massage to manicures to facials and detox treatments. Special packages are available.
Opening hours: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Massage Therapies Download Brochure

Relaxation Massage

A complete body massage designed to relieve tension, promote circulation and relax the nervous system.

50 minutes CHF 230

80 minutes CHF 280

Deep TissueMassage

This deep and penetrating muscular massage works on loosening general stiffness and congestion from the body.

50 minutes CHF 260

80 minutes CHF 310

Thai Massage

To align the body; this method works the body into a series of yoga-like stretches, muscle compression, joint mobilisation and acupressure. Loose clothing should be worn during this treatment.

50 minutes CHF 250

80 minutes CHF 290


The application of pressure on specific points of the feet taps into various areas of the body to help promote the natural function of the organs and systems in the body. Loose clothing can be worn during this treatment.

50 minutes CHF 175

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A light massage technique aimed to eliminate fluid retention and toxins through the lymphatic system.

50 minutes CHF 230

80 minutes CHF 280

Aroma Alpine Cleanse

A walm and calming aromatherapy massage aimed to decongest and clear the system using a special blend of essential Alpine oils with stimulating antiseptic qualities. Not suitable during pregnancy or breast feeding.

50 minutes CHF 210

80 minutes CHF 260

Kid’s Massage

A therapeutic massage just for kids aimed at supporting healthy growth performed by our experienced female therapists using organic oils.

20 minutes CHF 90

Facial Treatments Download Brochure

Personalised Facial by Biologique Recherche

Each skin is unique often with varying imbalances and weaknesses in its different zones. With this in mind, our trained professionals will individualise the treatment of your skin according to its specific needs. This bespoke facial is best suited for those with varying skin conditions such as premature aging, hyper sensitivity, undernourishment or problems with impurities. Professional systems, machines, booster serums and specialised products from Biologique Recherche are used to target and treat the entire quality of the skin.

80 minutes CHF 400

110 minutes CHF 550

Regenerating Vernix Facial by Biologique Recherche

Facial treatment for sensitive, deficient, stressed skin using a recreated Vernix formula. This boosts the repair of damaged skin, optimizes hydration and accelerates epidermal reconstruction and regeneration.

50 minutes CHF 280

80 minutes CHF 340

Triple Lift Facial by Biologique Recherche

A specially designed facial treatment to lift, tone, refine and plump the skin, which has lost firmness and strength. This 120-minute process also helps to stimulate the epidermis' natural defence system and thus maintains the skin's youth capital.

120 minutes CHF 450

Second Skin Facial by Biologique Recherche

A genuine alternative to fillers, this exceptional anti-aging treatment will visibly lift and treat signs of aging. It is an intense, regenerating treatment that, thanks to its action on the extracellular matrix, also accelerates the healing process. As an initial program, we recommend 3 sessions in 1 week for optimum results.

80 minutes CHF 430

Booster VIP O2 Facial by Biologique Recherche

This is a detoxifying, anti-pollution facial treatment designed to clear the skin of impurities. The micro-massaging treatment, combined with Chlorella Sorokiniana microalgae, will stimulate the epidermis to re-oxygenate the cutaneous tissue. The crackling felt during the treatment will interact with the formula to create exceptional results. The booster VIP O2 revitalizes and boosts the complexion. It improves the “soft focus”, to add brightness and radiance to the face.

80 minutes CHF 320

Toleskin by Biologique Recherche

For skin which has become intolerant or suffering from allergies. Specifically developed for epidermises that no longer tolerate “classic” cosmetic, treatments and products. This soothing facial will calm reactive skin, reduce sensitivity, itching and redness.

80 minutes CHF 300

Alpine Recovery by Alpeor

The perfection of Swiss skin care, using raw organic ingredients and water from the purity of the Swiss Alps. Powerful alpine ingredients such as Edelweiss and Rhodiola Rosea come together in this facial treatment to provide cellular longevity, repair, restructure and protect the skin from harsh elements and environmental damage.

50 minutes CHF 220

80 minutes CHF 280

Special Event Prep by Biologique Recherche

This skin care prep addresses your skin’s condition defined through BR’s Skin Instant Lab assessment. A facial treatment is determined to bring out the best in your skin before any special event. Schedule 24 hours prior your event for optimum results. 20 minutes skin analysis with 60 minute facial.

80 minutes CHF 280

Skin Instant Lab by Biologique Recherche

An expert dermo-cosmetic analysis and measurement of the skin offers accurate advice of Biologique Recherche products and treatments that perfectly match your current skin condition.

20 minutes CHF 45

Mesotheraphy by Biologique Recherche

A scalp treatment using a Micro-Puncture machine combined with the Cocktail d’Actifs Régénérants intended to oxygenate the scalp, restore hair loss and improve hair quality.

30 minutes CHF 280

5 sessions CHF 1250

Spa Suites Download Brochure

Veronica Suite - Cave Theme

Facilities include double jacuzzi, steam room, double shower and WC, two treatment beds. Light refreshments and amenities offered. Treatments can be booked at an additional charge.

3 hours CHF 550

Iris Suite - Garden Theme

Facilities include private garden, double jacuzzi, soft sauna, shower, WC,with bidet, two treatment beds (large and medium), double relax lounge, beauty and hairdressing station. Light refreshments and amenities offered. Treatments can be booked at an additional charge.

3 hours CHF 760

Hands and Feet Download Brochure

Manicure - A Complete Hand Care

40 minutes (nude nails) CHF 120

50 minutes (standard polish) CHF 150

Pedicure - A Complete Foot Care

70 minutes (nude nails) CHF 160

80 minutes (standard polish) CHF 180

Mani - Just Polish

30 minutes (standard polish) CHF 50

40 minutes (French polish) CHF 60

Pedi - Just Polish

40 minutes (standard polish) CHF 70

50 minutes (French polish) CHF 80

Semi-Permanent Nail Lacquer

80 minutes (dry manicure with semi-permanent) CHF 200

90 minutes (dry pedicure with semi-permanent) CHF 220

110 minutes (semi-permanent manicure without UV) CHF 220

Just Nails

Clean, shape and trim nails and cuticles

20 minutes CHF 60

Aesthetics Download Brochure


Trial makeup with consultation per hour CHF 80

Makeup CHF 150

Special event makeup CHF 210

Lash and Brow

Eyelash tint CHF 60

Eyebrow tint CHF 50

Lash and brow tint CHF 90


15 minutes CHF 55

20 minutes CHF 60


Half leg CHF 80

Full leg CHF 120

BIkini CHF 100

Brazilian CHF 140

Under arms CHF 60

Upper lip CHF 40

Eyebrows CHF 50

Arms CHF 80

Gentleman's Epilation

Per 20 minutes CHF 80

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